SP – Scraps recycling: the company that is committed to the Environment

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Sucatas Pinto, a company that relies on the experience of its founders’ family traditions, first started in the year 2000. In addition to their experience, Sucatas Pinto stands out for its values and the quality of its services, always holding its commitment to the environment, its clients and suppliers in the highest regard. It collects, recycles and later recovers ferrous and non-ferrous metals and end-of-life vehicles. That is why it is willing to invests in logistics and highly qualified human resources in order to ensure the quality and excellency of the entire process and to fulfil the needs of the clients and interested parties. 

“We act locally, but we think globally”

Sustainability is one of the latest subjects in social and environmental conscience, as well as in technologies for the future. When we hear the word "sustainability" we tend to think of sources of renewable fuels, reduce carbon emissions, protect the ecosystem, and try to strike a balance between our planet's health and technological innovation.

But how does scrap recycling benefit the environment?

Recycling of scrap metal requires significantly less energy than the manufacture of raw material metals.

On average, the estimated energy saved using recycled metals is more than 50% for iron and steel, and for aluminium and copper it reaches 90% and 95%, respectively. Because metal can be recycled and reused indefinitely, scrap recycling allows us to preserve the finite resources we have on Planet Earth, contributing to a more sustainable future for global and local economies and environments.

As a Metal Recycling Centre, Sucatas Pinto is helping to create a more sustainable industry. We protect local and global environment. Since  May 2017, our company is certified under Norm ISO 14001  Environmental Quality Management System.

This is an international norm for an Environmental Quality Management System. It’s a norm that allows the identification, prioritization and management of environmental hazards. It’s a constant practice in the company’s development that allows a more sustainable approach to everyday operations.

It’s important for us to comply with every safety and quality criteria that our proceedings and processes demand. We are committed to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of all our employees, costumers and suppliers, by protecting their safety in the face of possible accidents that may occur at our facilities.

  • We have a quality radioactivity detection system;
  • We are certified in Quality and Environment;
  • We have modern facilities and machinery;
  • We comply with the rules of Work Safety and Sanitation, providing Individual Protection Equipment to our employees and visitors.

Our position in the market is to provide our customers with Credibility and Trust, cost control and effectiveness. To collect, recycle, value and reuse ferrous and non-ferrous metals and end-of life vehicles, helping to maintain environmental sustainability and preservation.

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SP – Scraps recycling: the company that is committed to the Environment

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