almaCAM, the new generation CAM software for Sheet Metal 4.0!

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By integrating Alma's sheet metal CAD/CAM applications seamlessly into the "ERP/CAM/Workshop" Industry 4.0 digital value chain, the almaCAM software suite addresses the major productivity challenges of sheet metal fabrication: raw material cost savings, reduced programming time to cope with shorter deadlines, data & programming security & traceability, complete integration between the quotation & manufacturing, interconnection between Methods, Design Office & Production… 

Alma will present at Tolexpo its almaCAM sheet metal CAD/CAM software suite which is already marketed worldwide: almaCAM Cut/Punch/Combi/Routing for 2D cutting, punching or routing, almaQuote for quotation, integrated tools for workshop and production management… 

Alma will unveil its new module for importing 3D CAD assemblies for quoting and manufacturing, called assembly2CAM. This module makes the import of assemblies simple, fast and reliable by making it possible to process all the types of parts composing the assembly (sheet metal parts, tubes and supplies). 

Alma's expertise in controlling 5 axes/tube cutting machines and off-line programming of welding robots will also be showcased with the latest versions of almaCAM Space Cut, almaCAM Tube and almaCAM Weld software.

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almaCAM, the new generation CAM software for Sheet Metal 4.0!
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