Global Industrie Awards


... dedicated to the entire manufacturing sector needed to be able to identify and promote the most innovative companies. Enter the Global Industrie Awards , a way to acknowledge and reflect the plurality and modernity of the sector. They provide guaranteed media exposure and a remarkable boost in both reputation and business! The awards will be presented on the evening of 27th March, at a ceremony attended by the press and all the manufacturers.

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The six categories 

  • Productive performance will showcase innovations that provide significant gains in productivity, key ratios, or performance.
  • New technology will showcase innovations resulting from a technology transfer or a major technological innovation.
  • Collective success will showcase a project, product, or service that came about via collaboration between various manufacturers.
  • Outstanding achievement will showcase remarkable know-how in the production of parts, services, subassemblies, and other systems.
  • Industrial transformation will showcaseproviders of services and technologies that support companies in their transformation, as well as companies that have managed to adapt to the current upheavals.
  • Responsible solution will showcase innovations that incorporate energy efficiency, circular economy, CSR, ergonomics, eco-design ...
  • A special demonstration award will go to one of the exhibitors whose booth does a particularly good job at illustrating the current revolution that is taking place in the manufacturing sector.


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